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What does “Love yourself” mean?

As a slogan sounds catchy. But a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the worst treated expressions nowadays.

With all the hype about diversity, self-worth, even ego reevaluation and a long list of etcetera’s, it’s paramount to differentiate what exactly Love yourself means.

First, the word love comes from the essence of our existence. An act of love gives life from the spiritual perspective, and even from the quantum physics perspective, brain waves and physical manifestations of love represent one of the highest energy vibration in the known universe.

Therefore, love apply to anything is a good thing. Then think about you. Not from the ego perspective of “deserving” but from the love perspective of “serving”. When you understand that everybody has a purpose, even bad people must show us what is evil to avoid it, then discovering your own purpose in this world, the service you came to perform in this world, becomes an important focus of our efforts and daily performance.

To understand your true purpose requires work, but a fun and clarifying one. A work you can easily incorporate into your daily life, starting by noticing your thoughts, the way you react to people or circumstances, to understand what excite you, your passions and also your talents.

This quest to learn to Love Yourself is part of your purpose. And you can join efforts with others in the same quest or also those who’s calling is to support people in their own quest.

That’s why I encourage people thru my blog, my coaching practice and with my own life to love themselves. Everybody can learn this important skill. Do you want to learn it? I’m here to help you.

Please share your thoughts about this article, in the comments section below. Also, if you think of a friend or somebody that can benefit from this reading, please share the article.

“Love yourself”, and transform your life to reach success, happiness and abundance. Blessings!


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