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What Do I Offer

To whom do I serve? As life coach

I use my intuition, compassion and experience to help smart and self-committed adults to pursue their life objectives around relationships (i.e. improve communication, overcome conflict, etc.), their professional life and their well been. I also support my clients in handling with a health condition that handicap them in the eyes of others, in particular vision lost.

With my services, I support my clients to discover their inner power, to embrace their own talents and intuition, to live a more fulfilling and productive life

As a Latin born that has worked successfully in corporate America, and that also moved to live in the US to continue working and raise my family, I can share a trick or two around those topics. I am totally convinced that the family values, creativity and hard work that characterize our culture will be key for our personal success, and will make the whole world a place for opportunity for us, and the generations to come

I am also glad to witness that people has start to pay attention to their relations, careers, health and wellness at any age. It’s a joy for me to work with clients as young as 23 that are already trying to balance their personal and professional life, to support 40 -somethings in dreaming and scheming their retirement, and sharing with over-60s tips and developing action plans around a new business or even a new relationship.

Because of the above and the promise of the future ahead, I cannot wait to start working with you as my client, a key piece in the Master Plan of the creation!

My guiding Principles for life AND coaching:

  1. Balance. There are infinite colors and tones between black and white.
  2. Honesty with respect. I am and expect from others to be transparent, authentic and open.
  3. Compassion with assertiveness. I would share whatever that looks useful, smoothing its edges with well thought words.
  4. Open mind: new ideas, technologies, even magic are at hand for the curious and creative.
  5. Self-confident and humble. You deserve and will obtain the best of the universe, but keep your pride for yourself. Your doings and contentment are the best advertisement.
  6. Appreciation for nature. Honor and respect all creatures from the three realms, who share this big! Blue! Sphere! Called Earth.
  7. God is love and loves us as its best creation.
  8. Pursue your dreams with courage, creativity and a pinch of craziness.
  9. Power better than force. Everything is possible with kindness but not imposition
  10. Grow yourself, support others growth as well.

What else could I tell you? Well, maybe you would like to ask your own questions and share your own expectations about me as your potential coach. So I invite you to take advantage of a free 30 minutes exploratory session to determine whether working with me as your coach resounds to you.

Just schedule the session here  or send me an email to, subject “Your name-Exploratory session”.


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