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This is my sixth Thanksgiving Day since I moved definitively to the United States. Today is quite a different Thanksgiving. Even though I loved the spirit, the family and friends reunions, the sense of celebration for the everyday blessings, from freedom of speech to entrepreneurship, and of course I must admit, I love the delicious food and the happy sharing of congratulations and festive atmosphere all around.

But despite all of the above, today I feel a little melancholic. I can’t stop thinking about people at hospitals and hospices, probably waiting for an answer to or the closing of their predicament. I can’t stop thinking about all those away of their families, in jail or working in military, medical or spiritual duties. And of course I can’t stop thinking about their families, who probably believe they don’t have much or anything to give thanks today because of their loved one’s absence.

And I need to make a stop to confess that writing the last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. But those tears also helped me overcome the melancholy, to offer some hope to all those forgotten or away from today’s celebration and their families.

This hope makes me say to you: Here I am for you. A simple woman, a Venezuelan immigrant that probably isn’t the only one thinking about you. I would like to say to you that today of all days, regardless that every day is a great day to be thankful, today is very special. Because the positive energy of gratitude is magnified by the power of more than 300 million souls giving thanks today. Not only here in the States, but around the world, in every person that love and respects this great nation.

And also I want to say that I offer the healing power of gratitude not only for me and my loved ones, but also for you who are suffering or away from your family and loved ones.

I would like to offer my gratitude for you, as if I was you, wishing from my hearth that soon you will be able to feel gratitude by yourselves. Despite the difficulties you face today, the less than ideal conditions around you or even the feeling of desperation or anger you might have now. I wish to you that the positive energy of gratitude we commemorate today helps you regain serenity soon.

Because living in gratitude mode, which means to give thanks for everyday things as a daily, habit is possible. And Healing.

Happy Thanksgiving Day 20


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