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How to make amends with an old enemy: lack of time

Do more in less time

I use to hate it.


I believe that it silently conspired against me, my sense of accomplishment and calm.


Also I marvel and got almost envious, of people that seems to be friends with it, and even able to have more of it that most of us.


I’m talking about time.


Ironically, it only took me some time to realize that the enemy was not such.


Time is just another resource we have, to experience life in all its vast possibilities. Therefore, we better learn how to manage it… before it drives us mad or even kill us!


Maybe you are thinking: I’m a little bit extreme, but I’m trying just to raise your level of awareness, about the impact that lack of time management techniques have in your life.


It can put your health at risk, your productivity and your happiness. Some research results to demonstrate my point:


  • 63% of financial advisers who described themselves as lacking time management skills and discipline experienced health issues, including sleep apnea and high blood pressure. Health of Advisors Report, 9/2008
  • Sleep deprivation is now costing U.S. companies $63.2 billion a year in lost productivity. Exhaustion makes employees less efficient, even in the time it takes to read email. They are also more irritable and more likely to explode. Harvard Medical School, 2013
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi that we are happiest (and most productive) when we are able to enter the flow state—an ecstatic experience of total concentration that requires our complete attention due to its difficulty. It occurs when we structure our time to focus in an activity, avoiding mind-wondering and distractions.


Your next question could be: how do I do that? How do I structure my time to be able to manage it instead of the other way around?


Keep posted! I will be sharing a tip or more on time management to help you strength your defenses against lack of time.


And one last word: the best offense is defense, so we will also learn how to make friends with time and stop the fight once and for all.


In the meantime, share your thoughts with us and let’s  Have some fun with it! Use the comments section below. Talk to you soon.


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