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Doggy wisdom: discover what all is about.


Playing with my new puppy, I marvel on its joyful attempts to discover everything, taste everything, and enjoy the simplest of simplest.


It is common knowledge that human is the so called more advanced, more developed animals in the planet. And even though it is true from a biological perspective, it is also true that humans can also learn a lesson or two from less developed species

For instance, from puppies we can learn to enjoy the present moment. Dogs have a relatively short memory, so ruminate from past experiences, indulge the ego from past accomplishments or nurture resentment are out of their minds. And regarding the future, there is no scientific evidence that supports that any other species, besides humans, have a faint idea of future: nobody in its right mind can worry about something which existence they ignore… right?


People usually invest a lot of time ruminating about the past. In some more fortunate cases, the remembrance about happy memories, at least, does not affect their current well being, but neither supports new accomplishments unless some present action is involved.


To enjoy the present moment result quite difficult, when we allow the mind to wonder, to go randomly connecting thoughts for the sole pleasure of doing it. When we focus our attention on what we have in front of us, we are able to be more productive; to act calmly and really put our soul in what we are doing. And when part of ourselves is in what we do, the result is no other than the best.


For starters, try to identify an activity that you regularly perform, is easy and enjoyable, like watching nature thru your window, playing with your pet or listening to a favorite tune. Next time you perform it, look for details, hidden meanings, colors, etc. Observe your feelings while performing the activity. Enjoy the tranquility, the emotion or excitement the activity produces in your body.


This is what all is about. This is living the present moment, the only one that really exists. The one my puppy is a master.


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