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Do more in less time

Do more in less time: In a classic post, Marie Forleo shared a story about her rush in creating a webinar for another great coach.

Proven techniques from one of my favorite gurus. There Marie! You rock, as usual.

This amazing woman is one of the raisings starts in the world of e-marketing, besides of been very young, funny and inspiring. In a classic post, Marie Forleo shared a story about her rush in creating a webinar for another great coach, and the clues behind her success on this task. Despite her lack of time to prepare and deliver, only 4 hours, by following the 4 steps described below, she was able to present to a group of key clients, with high quality and in a relaxed way. 

Here are the steps in her own words:Do more in less time


  1. Outside Accountability.

Most of us are a way better at getting stuff done for others vs. doing things for ourselves.  If that’s true for you too, get all Jujutsu on yourself and use it to your advantage.  Promise someone.  Pay someone.  Go public with an announcement. Put some kind of real accountability in place so you have to get it done.


  1. Clear Time Frames.

Have a clear, specific time and date by which you must deliver the goods AND have a set amount of time to do the work.  “In a few weeks” or “It’ll take a couple of hours” doesn’t cut the mustard.

The more specific you are, the better your chances are of knocking it out quickly and on time.


  1. Zero Distractions.

This is HUGE-ola.  No distractions or interruptions allowed during creation time.  No texting, tweeting, emailing, phoning, surfing the interwebs or straying off task.  Peeing is permitted. If you need to get outside help or research, keep it short and to the point. Stay uber focused.


  1. No Fail Attitude.

This is actually the most important aspect of all: your belief in yourself. You can do whatever you set your mind to.  You are a genius.  A star.  A f*%king prodigy. And way more capable than your chattering little mind likes to give you credit for. Don’t give yourself any room to panic, complain or have a meltdown.  No drama.  No B.S.  No crying for mama.  Just sit down and do the work.


When you follow these steps, you can easily double your results while working much less.   That should mean a lot more cash in your pocket, a few more hours of sleep, fun with your loved ones, or whatever you would love to spend your time on.


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