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A)  The hidden power of Gratitude:

Based on her book “Living in Gratitude Mode” Jeanette Salvatierra shares in this conference why gratitude is much more than a simple spiritual practice, but a powerful psychological tool to overcome difficult situations, accept change and achieve what most dying people regrets have not found: happiness.

B)  “YOU” as the brand:

There are brands everywhere: from beverages, cars and real estate developers to whole countries and lifestyles. Recently even celebrities and the so-called “influencers” use their own names to brand their messages and products. But, what about you? You also have a brand to develop, promote and sell. Learn in a fun and profound way, how to succeed in life using your personal brand.

C)  “Just when I’ve learn how to answer, they change the questions”

This famous Mario Benedetti’s quote served as inspiration for this talk, where we present how to use change as the excuse to invest in our personal growth, in our personality, spirituality and (why not!) in a new haircut or lifestyle.

Presenting the psychological tools to embrace change instead of escape from it. Learn how to answer the new questions change brings, since in most cases it’s impossible to go back to the previous stage.

D)  Get whatever you want!

3 proven strategies to successfully get results, as demonstrated by real examples from known personalities such authors, personal growth professionals and entertainment celebrities. Besides the strategies, this conference presents a very practical methodology to implement such strategies in one’s life. Using a goal set by the group, Jeanette will lead the discussion about how to reach the agreed goal.


Come and let’s have a date with personal growth and fun!

For information about upcoming conferences or to arrange an exclusive one for a group, please send your request using the information in the ‘Contact us’ section.

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