Coaching Basics

Coaching is to support, to help individuals or groups to achieve certain goals. In life, people usually perform well by themselves, stablishing relations, making decisions, defining and executing plans on a daily basis. However, when a “special” event occurs, or it is about to, or foreseen to occur in the future, and its consequences are huge, people might require some extra help. This is when a life coach is definitely useful.

For instance,

  • A couple splits and one of the parties does not know where, or fears to start anew
  • A person feels that time isn’t enough to accomplish all their tasks
  • A family is about to move or needs to improve communication among their members
  • Illness strikes to you or to a close relative
  • A job doesn’t feels fulfilling any longer, and you are considering to become an entrepreneur,

In addition, the list can go on and on.

Nevertheless, you might ask, why I would like to hire a life coach instead of a therapist. Well, for starters, life coaches do not dig into your childhood traumas or information from the past. We work with what is top of your mind in the present. We work with sane people, because we are not allow to medicate or prescribe any medical treatment. In my own case, I am trained to detect any condition that requires medical attention, and I would let you know to proceed accordingly.

My life coach approach is very solution oriented. I would help my clients to design their own answers, their own timetables, in order to resolve the specific situation in hand. With life coaching you could obtain results after every session, in terms of an understanding, a concrete action plan, or a set of recommendations to incorporate in your daily routine.

What do people get wrong about coaching?

A fellow life coach from Canada stated beautifully. I have nothing else to add than let’s apply It Right away!

“I think that some people think the coach does all the work. It is not so. The coaching process works because the client is the one that learns and integrates new tools for growth and for action, and then learns to apply them when need be. Very quickly, the client feels ‘equipped’ and needs the coach less and less. It is a bit like teaching how to fish instead of doing the fishing for someone. But in this case, I remind the client that they can even teach themselves”.


‎The question for each man to settle is not what he would do if he had the means, time, influence and educational advantages, but what he will do with the things he has. -Hamilton Wright Mabee


Is Life Coaching for me?

The best way to find out is to experience it by yourself. In addition, I have just what you might need! I offer a free 30-minutes exploratory session for you to ask questions and clarify expectations. So Request an Appointment now.

Additionally, please review the following questions that might offer you extra insights:

Do you feel confused by some personal or career options?

Do you dream about a change in your personal relationships or in your work life, but you don’t know how to start?  Or..

You have a vision; an idea that you would like to make real, but you don’t feel focused enough on a plan to achieve your goal?

Do you feel sadness or anger in a specific situation?

Is it difficult for you to accept a limiting condition, on your own health or in a close relative’s?

Are you afraid to change?

Would you like to improve your communication with family members, your work team or colleges?

If you responded “yes” to one or many of these questions or you are curious about any topic, and how to improve those areas of your life, then I might help you with my work as your life coach.

How does remote coaching works and why.

Let´s start! If you decided that life coaching with me resounds with you, schedule a coaching session on my website, or better, take advantage of the savings offered when you book a session package of the length of your choice. Just click here to Request an Appointment.

Some comments about my coaching sessions.

Remote coaching is becoming the norm and not the exception nowadays. I usually don’t make decisions lightly, so when I picked this career and this way of working, I had many good reasons. Here are a few:

-For the client and coach, there are no visual distractions, that can take away from listening purely to the message. For example, I listen for the tone of voice, a decrease in energy in the delivery, the pacing, the confidence that shines through or seems to be lacking, the strength of the words and affirmations. I listen to what is behind the words, what is said and not being said. For me, that does not require physical presence to achieve.

-Well let’s face it, working from home is a great advantage, and even a joy for me! But it also is very convenient for the client who has a tight schedule or wants to talk to me from home or work or at different locations if they are on the move. Therefore, there is no need to miss a session during travel unless desired. It is definitely easier to arrange a phone call (or Skype call) than it is to plan a meeting at a physical location.

-Time Zone is not an issue. I can work with you wherever you are in the world. You do have to speak Spanish or English though. Those are the two languages in what I am fluent. I am in the Eastern Time zone (-4 GMT), and I work from Monday to Saturday, and on some evenings.

-Your morning might be my evening! I think this is great fun.. 🙂 I might offer you some croissants or juice while you might wish me goodnight.

-It is also cost-effective since there is no need for you to travel to me (or me to you). What freedom this gives! It makes booking more flexible. That said I like to book 4 sessions at a time, one per week or every other week, so they are planned and committed to, by both client and coach.

-It might be easier for some of you to discuss sensitive issues remotely. Whether it is because I have no connection with your workplace or because I am not sitting next to you, the fact is that some people find this way of working to be reassuring and more confidential. Besides, my ethical practices ensure you that all information you share with me as part of our coaching work, will remain confidential unless you authorize otherwise. Even our client-coach relationship is confidential. Nobody will know about it, unless you disclose its existence.


-Focus is required on both ends, which means no distractions such as checking emails or texts, or surfing the web.  It is important to find a time and space that will allow for privacy and will eliminate background noises and interruptions.

- Avoid being heard by third parties. Besides the obvious protection to our confidentiality, the client would feel more relax and free to express emotions in the way that suits him or her.

-The client should allow time to prepare for each session with the various tools and homework that were offered, or with their own ‘bag of tricks’. Ideally, sometime would be available after each session before rejoining their ‘world’ to allow time for integration. In addition, regarding the homework, please don’t worry to much! There is no need for written reports or fancy presentations afterwards. All assignments are for the client consumption. Clients can share their progress or insights with me if they like. The homework purpose is to reinforce concepts and develop habits that will help the client in the long run.


Commit to yourself. The time assigned to your coaching session is very important, because it is devoted to your own improvement and well been. However, as real life tends to get on the way of the best designed schedules, if you require canceling or postponing a coaching session, I do appreciate you notify me via email, at least 24 hours prior to the original session.