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There are many life situations that can trigger anxiety: from the upsetting news about politics, imminent war or economic recessions, to the demands we face as parents, professionals, spouses, etc.


To avoid anxiety to escalate and become a regular condition, such as panic or obsessive-compulsive disorders, we can learn a few tricks to help us manage the emotional rush, palpitations, transpiration, dizziness or other common symptoms that appear when the stress of our life starts to be too much to bare.

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What do you prefer? To watch your favorite team, win with pessimistic and cynical people OR
To watch a bad movie with your best pals who also share your dislike of the film?

Leading psychological research has found that besides stress management and emotional intelligence, the quality of our relationships is key for happiness.

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As a slogan sounds catchy. But a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the worst treated expressions nowadays.

With all the hype about diversity, self-worth, even ego reevaluation and a long list of etcetera’s, it’s paramount to differentiate what exactly Love yourself means.

First, the word love comes from the essence of our existence. An act of love gives life from the spiritual perspective, and even from the quantum physics perspective, brain waves and physical manifestations of love represent one of the highest energy vibration in the known universe.
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When asked the other day how I start my year activities, in other words, how I tackle the tasks to start producing results on my new year’s projects list, I think a little bit and came back with this list of fundamentals. Since 3 is like a favorite number of mine, because it’s easy to reach and to remind, I create these recommendations for my curious friend that now I’m sharing with you:

Step 1, Energize yourself: charge your body, your mind and spirit for the tasks ahead. For the body, as usual, nutrition and sleep are the basics, along with exercise or other physical activities you enjoy… you know what I mean! For the mind and spirit, I recommend the activation of positive thinking, thru daily gratitude practices, meditation or pray.
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This is my sixth Thanksgiving Day since I moved definitively to the United States. Today is quite a different Thanksgiving. Even though I loved the spirit, the family and friends reunions, the sense of celebration for the everyday blessings, from freedom of speech to entrepreneurship, and of course I must admit, I love the delicious food and the happy sharing of congratulations and festive atmosphere all around.
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First and foremost, there is no grammar error on the title. But you should keep reading to know why.

After a freaking long period, I’m back writing to post on my blog. The reason of my absence? Well, the usual. Life goes on. And sometimes, gets on the way.
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Playing with my new puppy, I marvel on its joyful attempts to discover everything, taste everything, and enjoy the simplest of simplest.


It is common knowledge that human is the so called more advanced, more developed animals in the planet. And even though it is true from a biological perspective, it is also true that humans can also learn a lesson or two from less developed species

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Life Coach

THE” Method: a powerful tool to improve your communication skills.

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Do more in less time

I use to hate it.


I believe that it silently conspired against me, my sense of accomplishment and calm.


Also I marvel and got almost envious, of people that seems to be friends with it, and even able to have more of it that most of us.


I’m talking about time. ...continue reading "How to make amends with an old enemy: lack of time"

Do more in less time: In a classic post, Marie Forleo shared a story about her rush in creating a webinar for another great coach.

Proven techniques from one of my favorite gurus. There Marie! You rock, as usual.

This amazing woman is one of the raisings starts in the world of e-marketing, besides of been very young, funny and inspiring. In a classic post, Marie Forleo shared a story about her rush in creating a webinar for another great coach, and the clues behind her success on this task. Despite her lack of time to prepare and deliver, only 4 hours, by following the 4 steps described below, she was able to present to a group of key clients, with high quality and in a relaxed way.  ...continue reading "Do more in less time"

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