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JeaSalvaI love to be around people, work with individuals and groups and get energized from their ideas and interactions. I am a natural “connector”: somebody who enjoys to link people with the right information or the right people for a given situation. That is why I decided Life Coaching was for me. In this profession, I can serve others by supporting their journey to “connect” with abundance, great relationships, success, health and wellness. Using profound inquiry, visualizations and other techniques, my clients will discover their inner wisdom: the one that will guide them to achieve their life goals.

I have worked as an assistant teacher, sales manager, consultant and business development executive for large US Corporations with focus on the Latin American Market for Information Technology. I have also donated my time to the executive board of several organizations in Venezuela, Peru and Colombia that supported the use of information technology as a mean to foster education and economic development in those countries.

I have also written for several publications about the use of technology and social development. For two years, I was Chief Editor of a magazine about technology in governments and education, distributed first in 4 countries and later all over Latin America.

In the meantime, I got married, raised two teenagers and had one child of my own, got my Masters in Marketing, cultivated my love for music, dance and acting, both as a performer and spectator, traveled, took cooking and creative writing classes, and studied kinesiology, massage and other “alternative” therapies.

Because of a condition called Myopia Magna, which I had since I was 3 years old, in my mid-thirties I started to loose vision. This new situation forced me to reinvent myself, leveraging in talents I had dormant or misused, and start again, leaving behind my initial fear and negativity.

I planned my early retirement of the corporate world, by looking for investment and entrepreneurship opportunities, while executing up to my highest standards, to cope with the frustration of leaving the career that I so hardly work for and that I loved.

Nevertheless, mainly, I started to deal with my emotions and thoughts about blindness, even though I was not totally blind and still can see after more than 10 years of my glaucoma diagnosis.

This task has been the most hard but rewarding challenge of my life, and caused the transformation I am still experimenting. The journey of knowing myself, how the human been is not only mind and body, but also soul and spirit in a way that can reach levels where miracles can occur.

The new condition pushed me to rethink my career, making me exploring other professions like consulting services and finally, coaching.

Therefore, here I am. Ready to share my experiences, the coaching tools and methods I have learned from Martha Beck’s coaching training. Nevertheless, most importantly, I am here, totally committed to serve my clients to live a more happy and fulfilling life, by tapping into their inner power.


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