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Ask a lot of questions: What does prevent people to ask questions? Most of the times, it is fear.

Ask a lot of questionsThe Disney-Pixar movie “Finding Nemo” is the story of the search of a fish-father, Marlin, for his son, little fish “Nemo”. At the end, as you might suspect, if you didn’t see or remember the movie, the father-son reunion happens. And it is through  curiosity, and investigative inquiry, that Marlin is able to identify the place where his son was kept captive, the best route to get there and the sea-people that may help him. Not bad for a cartoon-fish, right? Imagine what humans can do by asking questions! ...continue reading "Ask a lot of questions: Be afraid of not to"

How to deal our personal projects? Fundamentally, emotional preparation and support are the real “must have”.

Now what?

How to deal our personal projectsWhen my husband and I decided to emigrate from Venezuela to the United States, we thought we had everything covered. From our friend’s experience, we thought we understood the challenges, the long list of things to decide and do in order to move, and the long term benefits for our family.

But, despite all considerations, preparation and information we got, at the beginning, we asked ourselves everyday: “And Now, What?” We felt overwhelm. ...continue reading "How to deal our personal projects?"

Public Speaking Success series: Leaving the unspeaker behind Welcome the Supra speaker!

Leaving the unspeaker behind Welcome the Supra speaker!

The Supra Speaker is the personality I invite you to embrace, in order to, not only overcome your fear, but also to make you a better presenter, while enjoying the process. These are the attributes of the character: ...continue reading "Public Speaking Success series 2"

Public Speaking Success series: You can overcome your fear of public speaking, by rethinking your strategy.

Afraid of public speaking? How to use fear as fuel.


You can overcome your fear of public speaking, by rethinking your strategy. I would like to propose an approach developed from my own experience that also uses the five steps to overcome panic attacks known as the AWARE steps, as described by Dr. David Carbonell, in his blog.

In addition, I combined the AWARE steps, with techniques for the building of the new you, as a presenter: the Supra speaker ...continue reading "Public Speaking Success series"

Grapes Metaphor: This is a personal transformation task I think should be a priority. We cannot share the fruits that we do not have

Grapes metaphorIt was awesome to learn that grapevines, unlike other crops, do not require direct irrigation to flourish   and grow fruits. On the contrary, in very hard and dry soil, grapevines develop long and strong roots that go through clay, rocks and all sorts of soil layers, to find nurture. Worldwide best vineyards are located where water is deepest, providing grapes with more complex and delicious flavors. Wine produced with those grapes, offer the most exciting and awesome notes, like chocolate, species and flowers. These notes of flavor are not added manually, they come in the grape’s juice that had struggled to flourish on those seemly unfertile and difficult soils. ...continue reading "Grape’s metaphor"

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