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3 steps to realize your new year

When asked the other day how I start my year activities, in other words, how I tackle the tasks to start producing results on my new year’s projects list, I think a little bit and came back with this list of fundamentals. Since 3 is like a favorite number of mine, because it’s easy to reach and to remind, I create these recommendations for my curious friend that now I’m sharing with you:

Step 1, Energize yourself: charge your body, your mind and spirit for the tasks ahead. For the body, as usual, nutrition and sleep are the basics, along with exercise or other physical activities you enjoy… you know what I mean! For the mind and spirit, I recommend the activation of positive thinking, thru daily gratitude practices, meditation or pray.

Step 2, Stay focused: in this regard, I’m assuming you’ve already defined at least an initial set of activities in your action plan to achieve your goal or resolution. Keep yourself focused in the task in hand, avoiding distractions and most importantly, criticism, skepticism or other kind of discouragements from others. But you must be careful here, since some critics are valuable and could pint-point the need for real change. Simply hear the idea, validate and research about the advice or comment, and incorporate into your plan what’s useful. And keep going. When you feel a little confused or lack of energy, review you energize activities, and re charge to continue in pursue of your goal.

Step 3, Take reasonable risks: for this I mean whatever level of innovation you can incorporate into your action plan. Could be something you never tried before by yourself but that’s of proven efficacy in similar situations, or something totally new, from your own creativity or your own invention. The idea is to stretch your own limits, to dream big and to work accordingly towards a great or big result.

The whole idea behind this list is to keep yourself motivated, alert also to the change in circumstances and to incorporate into your action plan new ideas or resources when possible.

Well, that’s my list. Please keep me posted on your advances towards your new year’s resolutions, while applying these principles. And always remind you that what happens is always in your best interest. If some project never becomes a reality or a goal seems out of reach, it’s because something better and bigger is waiting for you.

Best of the best in this new year!!


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